The 12.5 & 13 foot Menace is our pwc powered mini sport boat kit. Your imagination is the only boundry.

The 13 foot Trapper & 15 foot Trapper XL is our pwc powered mini utility boat kit. The boat for the outdoor explorer.

The 20 & 22 foot Husky is our 12 degree V8 powered Jetboat that offers incredible value.

The 20 & 22 foot Ridgeback is our premium 12 degree V8 powered Jetboat. Itís at home on medium to large sized rivers, lakes and even the ocean.

The 19 Timberwolf is our 78" wide bottom, V8 power, Kodiak 3-stage pump, heavy duty Ĺ inch keel with 9 cross braced stringers. Built for shallow water at a great value.

Bull Dog
The 19 & 21 foot Bull Dog is the ďHummerĒ of boats. Itís V8 power, Hamilton 212 pump, heavy duty Ĺ inch keel with 9 cross braced stringers is built for shallow water and to comfortably pack you and your friends or family to places youíve never dreamed of before. Itís heavy duty design is perfect for shallow to medium sized rivers and even the lake.

Pit Bull
The 17 & 19 foot Pit Bull is our 8 degree shallow water specialist. Like its name sake, itís built tough and ready for anything. This heavy duty boat is designed for the jetboater that wants to go where no boat has gone before.

Mad Dog
The 19 & 21 foot Mad Dog is our flag ship. Itís the Cadillac of jetboats and with its silky smooth V8 power and premium interior, itís designed to take you in Luxury up any medium to large sized river, the lake or the ocean.

The 20 foot Sniper is our Stepped Bottom high performance speedster. Only speed demons need apply.

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