About Us

Rob Chrunyk, Mike Sinclair, Kevin Kipling and crew have over 100 years combined experience in the design and construction of aluminum Jet Boats in the Pleasure, Commercial and Racing Industry ....a small and growing business with big experience!!

Rob Chrunyk has been in the aluminum boating industry since the late 70's. Rob Started Outlaw Marine with then partner Alex Miller in 1987 building back country, sport and race boats.

In the early 90’s Rob started Eagle Power Boats to focus on the pleasure, sport and race boat market. His designs were so innovative and at the forefront of the jetboat industry, that they are still being used today by other manufacturers despite being virtually unchanged since they were originally developed 20 years ago. Rob’s race tunnels have dominated on the world stage by winning over 16+ World Championships in 4 different countries, including Rob’s own win in Canada in 2003.

Rob is renowned worldwide for being a leader in jet boat design, with customers all over the world including the USA, Mexico and New Zealand. Never to rest on his laurels, he is always looking at ways to improve boating with new and innovative ideas.

Mike "Bratt" Sinclair started working for Rob in the late 80's and has enjoyed the racing scene himself with many podium finishes. Mike has built hundreds of boats over the years from pleasure to full race, and it’s still something he loves to do.

Kevin Kipling started with Eagle Power Boats in the late 90's and has been involved with all stages of boat building from start to finish! He has a lot of experience in repairing badly damaged hulls and also in the complete overhaul of old hulls to better-than-new condition. Kevin is one of those “Let’s get it done, and done right” kind of guys.

Mike Parish has been a Master welder of aluminum jet boats for many years working with both Rob Chrunyk and Mike Sinclair at Eagle Power Boats. Mike takes pride in is work, and his quality of work is second to none.

And the rest of our talented crew that we are very proud of. We have a great group of guys that actually enjoy going to work every day and making the best boats in the industry. Come and see for yourself….we love to give our customers tours of our manufacturing facility and introduce them to our Team.

What We Do

Simply put, our skilled Team designs and builds our boats from scratch to be the best boats on the market today. We also repair and paint all makes and models of aluminum boats. We have all the tools to do whatever you need.

  • Complete body shop
  • 175 Ton CNC Brake
  • 5x20 CNC Plasma Table
  • Lathe
  • Drill press
  • Hydraulic press
  • Liquid cooled Mig welders

#6 Erickson Cres. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, T4S 1P5
Phone: 403.887.8895 | Fax: 403.887.8798 | Email: info@brattjet.ca